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Since 1978 when the School first started, we have been publishing the school magazine “Ming Dao” at the end of every school year to collect the speech by the guest of honour on Speech Day, list of graduates, records of student activities, names of awardees, updates on teacher and student information, and articles by both teachers and students. It serves as a record of the school activities for the whole year as well as a means to reflect on the leading of God in the past year and His endless grace.

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Numerous parents, alumni, and people in different walks of life have been anonymously supporting the development of BLMCSS.  In order to inform you of our changes and needs as well as to express our gratitude for your silent nurturing, we have been publishing “Advancement” newsletter since 2014 to tell you all who care about BLMCSS our latest information.

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Study Tour Booklet

From 2008 onwards, we established the Study Tour Committee to coordinate all the study tours in school. We aim at providing the students opportunities to explore the world and know more about the difference between countries and cities in culture, history and arts. Study Tour Booklet records the precious moments in each tour and shows us the in-depth sharings of teachers and students.

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