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Cross-Cultural Education

For the sake of encouraging students to increase other learning experiences through overseas learning activities, our school has set up Study Tour Committee to coordinate overseas exchanges and visits starting from 2012. It is hoped that our students can broaden their horizons, personally understand the characteristics of different countries, nations, and cultures, enhance their collaboration capabilities and build close relationships with peers.

Study Tour

Before study tours, we will hold several study workshops to deepen students’ understanding of local related topics, such as social culture, governance, economic development, artistic development, geologic structures and landforms, etc. Through the reports of different groups, it is hoped that in addition to enhancing students’ understanding of different local topics, it also enhances students’ communication skills and ability to collaborate with others. We also encourage students to take up different tasks in the preparation of the study tours, such as designing booklets, painting, shooting, photography, presentation, translation, etc., so that all students can give full play to their strengths.

After study tours, through exhibition board production, morning/weekly assembly sharing, and journals writing, students can share and conclude what they have seen and experienced during the study tour.

Study Tours over the past few years:
Study Tour
 Cultural Study Tour in Okinawa, Japan
 Technological Study Tour in Korea
 Yunnan Cultural Experience Tour, Mainland China
 Artistic Journey to Taipei & Hualien, Taiwan
 Cultural Study Tour in Okinawa, Japan
 History Tour to Kyushu, Japan
 Arts and History Study Tour to Korea
 Arts and Cultural Study Tour in Kyoto & Osaka, Japan
 Cultural Study Tour in Taiwan
 Taiwan Geological Excursion
 History Tour to Guangzhou, Mainland China
 Visual Arts Tour to Seoul, South Korea
 Cultural Study Tour in Okinawa, Japan
 Singapore Social Development Study Tour
 [Organized by EDB] An Exploration into the History and Culture in Nanjing, Mainland China
 [Organized by EDB] An Exploration into the Culture and Innovative Technologies of Hangzhou and Shaoxing
 Arts, Historical and Cultural Study Tour in Kyoto, Osaka and  Nara, Japan
 Taiwan Sociological Study Tour
 EDB 17th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme
 [Organized by EDB] An Exploration into the History and Culture of Dalian and Shenyang
 The Silk Road Study Tour, Mainland China
 Jeju Island Geological Excursion, South Korea
 [Organized by EDB] An Exploration into the History, Culture and Economic Development of Harbin 
 [Organized by EDB] Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders 

The Study Tour Booklets record the itinerary of each tour each year, and also conclude the experiences, reflections and learnings of teachers and students.

2016-2017 Study Tour Booklet


2017-2018 Study Tour Booklet


2018-2019 Study Tour Booklet



Photos of Study Tour

2014-2015 History Tour to Kyushu, Japan


2014-2015 Arts and History Study Tour to Korea


2016-2017 Singapore Social Development Study Tour


2017-2018 Taiwan Sociological Study Tour


2018-2019 The Silk Road Study Tour, Mainland China


Apart from study tours, as an international medium of communication, the English Language plays a crucial role in broadening student's international-mindedness and understanding of Western culture. The English program at BLMCSS and its underlying curriculum, strives to expose students to authentic and meaningful practice in situations in which the target language is used. Toward this end, every year, F.1 students at BLMCSS interview tourists around Hong Kong culminating in a presentation in which they share their experiences and reflect on their use of the English Language. Senior form students are also encouraged to explore the relationship between language and culture through related modules and on-site learning experiences. Topics such as global warming, working holidays, Western and Asian popular culture, and the life of exchange students are also explored.



With the help of Chatteris, BLMCSS also recruits native speakers from UK and US universities to act as ambassadors of their respective cultures and to provide further opportunities for on-going authentic and meaningful practice in English.  Through their efforts to lead discussions and facilitate learning activities in English, our students are better equipped to become responsible and actively involved global citizens.



The collaboration between LMC and AFS has been long-standing throughout the school’s history. Every year, the school would welcome at least one exchange student for the year, giving students’ endless opportunities for them to interact with people of different race and culture. Our exchange students’ mostly come from European, American and Asian countries. They immerse themselves into classes of different forms and subjects throughout the year. On top of that, our exchange students actively take part in extra-curricular activities and excursions with our students outside the school. Such occasions give our students different chances to communicate, learn and foster a deeper understanding of intercultural similarities and differences among people.

Besides, our very own students are encouraged to take part in the exchange programs themselves. Every time they do so, each one comes back with endless stories to tell. Seeing them mature and grow from their personal experiences from an exchange program is something LMC is proud of every time.

Due to the pandemic, chances were limited for our students to travel abroad. However, several of our students were still able to take part in a Youth Intercultural Online Learning Project that enables them to cultivate a good understanding of people from different places in the world. We believe that if we cannot send them out to see the world, we can still bring the world for them to admire through such programs held by AFS.

Our future endeavor is to be able to continue to bring our students chances to learn about diverse cultures and people through different program as well as events like the upcoming Inter-cultural Day held in the latter half of the year.


Other Languages

The school offers a joint-school Japanese DSE curriculum starting from 2021/22 school year and the following joint-school DSE language curricula are being offered from 2022/23 onwards.  They are Spanish, Korean and French.

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