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Gifted Education


Our school aims to explore and nourish gifted or high ability students systematically by providing appropriate educational opportunities for them. We expect that our students can develop their individual potential in the flexible teaching environment.


  • To identify more-capable students by using various methods of identification.
  • To promote and deliver off-site and pull-out gifted programs to students with exceptional talent in the domains of mathematics, science, language, humanities and leadership.
  • To coordinate gifted education programmes with subject departments and external organizations.


Our school has adopted the model suggested by the Education Bureau in planning and implementing a gifted education programme.

Level 1:

Gifted education is adopted in the curriculum of different subjects for all students.


Level 2:

School-based subject enrichment classes and competition training courses after lessons are provided for the gifted students.


Level 3:

Off-site gifted programs are recommended to the exceptionally gifted students. Please refer to ePortal for the off-site programs.


School ePortal for Students and Teachers

An ePortal page is developed for providing the latest information on gifted education to our students and teachers. A list of the off-site programs, guidelines for the school subsidy scheme and the school-based talent pool can be found in the portal.

Link of ePortal:  https://sites.google.com/blmcss.edu.hk/gifted/






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