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In addition to developing formal music curriculum, the school runs Mixed Voice Choir, Chinese Orchestra, School Band, String Orchestra, School Orchestra, Acappella, Electronic Band etc. In the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, students won twelve First Place, twenty Second Place and nineteen Third Place in the past three years. Moreover, Mixed Voice Choir was awarded First Place in Secondary School Choir Foreign Language Mixed Voice (Second Division – Senior) and The Best Secondary School Mixed Voice Choir in Secondary School Choir Finals (Second Division - Mixed Voice Choir Section) in 2016 and 2019 respectively.



The school has been offering Drama Education since 2000, and Form One to Form Three students take Drama Education as a compulsory subject. In Drama lessons, Form Three students learn drama techniques and write their scripts in English; they also take part in the annual Inter-class Drama Competition at the weekly assembly. 

Drama Club won numerous awards in a wide range of competitions, such as Shatin Drama Festival, Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour Drama Competition, Building Department Drama Competition and so on. In Hong Kong School Drama Festival, Drama Club won Award for Outstanding Script, Award for Commendable Overall Performance, Award for Outstanding Director, Adjudicators’ Award, Award for Outstanding Performer and Award for Outstanding Cooperation. Drama Night, which is biennially organized by Drama Club, receives high praise. Drama Club Advisor, Mr. Du Ih Hsuan, was awarded 2017-2018 Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Formed in 1997, Stage Support Team carry out backstage tasks of all performances, including sound and lighting. The team’s outstanding performance earned them various awards. In Shatin Drama Festival, they received Award for the Most Creative Interpretation, Award for the Best Stage Effect, Award for the Best Character Design and Award for the Best Make-up (individual character).


Visual Art

Visual Arts is devoted to arousing students’ interest in visual arts and fostering their aesthetic sense to appreciate their surroundings. Creating different forms of visual arts work, students communicate their feelings and ideas. Additionally, they can develop perceptual abilities, generic skills and metacognition through creating artworks and appreciating the art. Exploring the art of diverse cultures enables students to widen their horizons, develop their passion, cultivate positive values and attitudes, self-identity as well as a sense of commitment towards the community, the nation and the world. Besides developing formal Visual Arts curriculum, the school runs Art Society, and promotes a wide variety of visual arts activities and workshops, such as Flower Pot Design Competition, Waste Wood Art Workshop, Fashion and Image Design Workshop etc. Moreover, students won several awards at the Art Society International Year of the Reef Art and Design Competition.



Dance Clubs participate in more than twenty categories in the Schools Dance Festival every year, such as Chinese Dance, Western Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance and Latin Dance. In the past three years, they have garnered many awards, including eight Honours Award, twenty five Highly Commended Award and 18 Commended Award. Jazz dance group was even awarded first-runner up of Overall Award in 2018.


OLE day @ LMC Arts Festival

Senior form students take part in a variety of arts workshops.


Variety Show @ LMC Arts Festival

In the course of the Arts Gala, dance groups, Chinese and Western music groups put on performances at lunchtime. Numerous guests, parents, other school students and alumni attended the two variety shows to watch the award-winning performances given by Chinese Orchestra, Orchestra, Junior Choir, Senior Choir and Drama Club, and the award-winning dance performances including Chinese dance, Western dance, Jazz dance and Latin dance. The guests also visited the visual arts exhibition, praising aesthetic education achievements.


School Anniversary Musical (Integration)

Various elite performing groups produce a musical for every five school anniversary; the musicals which all received many favourable comments are Pursuit of Happiness (2019), 呂途 (2013), By the Red Sea (2008), Once on this Island (2003) and Secret Garden (1998).


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