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Shirley Ngai Educational Fund

Ms. Shirley Ngai, a devoted English Language teacher and an inspiring class teacher, had served our school for 12 years. She was also an experienced career teacher and the innovative leader of the Public Relations and Publication Team. Ms. Ngai unfortunately passed away on September 29, 2013. Her belief and passion for life, together with her whole-hearted devotion to education, have inspired a lot of students, parents and her colleagues. Deeply moved by Ms. Ngai's good deeds, Mr. Curly Leung, one of our student mentors in the Mentorship Programme, and his wife Dr. Edith Chun generously pledged a donation of HK$350,000 to the school for the foundation of Ms. Shirley Ngai Education Fund.


  1. To promote the spirit of 'Life Impacting Lives'

    • Commemorating and carrying forward the unfailing passion for life and education of Ms. Shirley Ngai;

    • Extending the positive influence of her life on the lives of students, parents and teachers;

    • Helping students to blossom and teachers to fulfill their goals to provide whole-person education

  2. To convey selfless care
    Extending Ms. Shirley Ngai's love and care for underprivileged students

  3. To advocate whole-person education
    Enhancing the development of the following areas of concern, which Ms. Shirley Ngai had been wholeheartedly dedicated to:

    • English teaching and learning

    • Leadership training

    • Community service

Areas of Concern:

  1. Scholarships for elite students of each form

  2. Employment of an English tutor

  3. Subsidies for students' overseas exchange and learning

  4. Subsidies for students' community service activities

  5. Publication of teachers' morning assemblies

Incorporated Management Committee of Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School 


  • By crossed cheque (Payable to "The Incorporated Management Committee of Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School")
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