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School Mission and Vision

School Motto

Understanding God’s teachings to become wise and intellectual  

School Mission

Our mission is to provide an all-round education based on Christian values that nurture individual lives and build characters. Embracing our philosophy of "holistic education" in proclamation and service, we are committed to the provision of a comprehensive range of quality education services. We believe that all students can develop to their full capacity by nurturing their moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual skills, knowledge and attitude.

Educational Vision

A School for Tomorrow 
Servant Leaders on the cutting edge

Our Educational Values and Beliefs

2W  Whole-Person Development  全人發展
          Whole School Approach  全校參與

Equal emphasis on academic attainment, moral and life education, spiritual formation and activity, which constitute the “Four Pillars” of the basis of a whole-person development of the school
Students’ active learning and thinking, knowledge construction and personal talent development, offering multiple learning opportunities for tomorrow world
Integration between guidance / counseling and discipline
Authentic student guidance through extra-curricular activities, building good teacher-student relationship
Caring for students’ needs and concerns on spiritual development
Striving for better communication and cooperation with parents

Our Educational Concerns

To oneself A healthy and positive self-image
To family Devoted and thoughtful affection 
To studies and careers An earnest and responsible attitude
To people Harmonious and cooperative manners
To society Active and positive participation
To country Faithful commitment
To the world and mankind Genuine concerns
To God A responsive and undying belief


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