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Campus Enhancement Project


The Campus Enhancement Project of BLMCSS has commenced in 2014. Divided into two phases, the project will last for 8 years.

During Phase One (2014 – 2019), enhancement works include re-paint of exterior wall, renew facilities in all classrooms and staff rooms in the Old Wing so as to utilize the new ones in the New Annex. In addition, it is planned that the current library will be expanded, a Maker Lab will be set up and the Roof-top garden will be renovated in the existing building and a Theater will be constructed in the New Annex. It is estimated that the cost of the renovation project in Phase One amounts to 20 million dollars. 

  • Renovation of Roof-top Garden  (In progress : Dec 2018 - Dec 2019)
  • ​Construction of mini multi-purpose hall in the new-annex (Proposed period : Mar 2019-Aug 2020)  6 million more needed !
  • Modified DT workshop / Maker Lab


  • New Library (Nov 2019)  done
  • Teachers' Common Room (Nov 2019) done
  • Renovation of Entrance Lobby and Construction of a guidance room (August 2018)  done
  • Renovation of classrooms and facility renewal (2014-2018)  done
  • ​Re-paint of exterior wall (August 2014)  done

Phase Two (2019 – 2022) will focus on the betterment of special rooms (including renovating the Home Economics Room and setting up a Students Activities Center) and public area on the campus.  It is estimated that the cost of the renovation project in Phase Two amounts to 10 million dollars. 

  • Renovate the Home Economics Room
  • Set up Multi-purpose Center / Students Activities Center
  • Set up "Co-Star Wall" and renovate the ground aisle
  • Set up School History room 


Completed Campus Enhancement Items

New Library (Nov 2019)



Teachers' Common Room (Nov 2019)


Renovation of Entrance Lobby and Construction of a guidance room (August 2018)


Renovation of classrooms and facility renewal (2014-2018)

  1. Enhancement works of all classrooms, including installations of multimedia workstations for teachers, infrared wireless microphone system, electric projector screens and new students lockers
  2. Installation of new air-conditioners in all classrooms
  3. Boost Wi-Fi network by strengthening Wi-Fi facility

  ​ ​ ​


Re-paint of exterior wall (August 2014)


Work in progress

Roof-top Garden (To be finished in Jan 2020 as proposed)


Make-up picture of New Home Economic Room (Planned)



Make-up picture of New Mini Hall 
(Planned, 6 million more needed)

To echo the future development of the school, multi-functions area will be renovated after the completion of the new annex. A mini theater with a capacity of 200 people will be built. We hope that such space can be used for lectures,  seminars, arts performance and exhibition.


We know it is not easy to finish the project on our own.  Are you willing to give your share in providing an ideal learning environment for the young people?


  • By crossed cheque (Payable to "The Incorporated Management Committee of Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School")
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