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Lui Kwok Pat Fong Teaching Block

We are more than happy to announce that the construction project of a new-annex was approved by the Financial Committee of the LEGCO on 27 February 2015. The Project commenced on 28 Dec 2015 and was finished in Feb 2019.  It was open in May eventually.  The total construction area is 3 372 m2, height 24 m.  The new-annex building was named "Lui Kwok Pat Fong Teaching Block" and its facilities include the following.

  • Classroom x 8, Small-teaching Room x 3, Geography Room x 1;
  • Staff Room x 3;
  • Roof-top Playground x 1, Roof Garden x 1;
  • Conference Room x 1;and
  • Car park。

Re-paint of the exterior wall


Renovation of classrooms and facility renewal

  1. ​Enhancement works of all classrooms, including installations of multimedia workstations for teachers, infrared wireless microphone system, electric projector screens and new students lockers
  2. Installation of new air-conditioners in all classrooms
  3. Boost Wi-Fi network by strengthening Wi-Fi facility


Entrance Lobby and Guidance room

Teachers' Common Room

Rooftop Playground


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