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We believe that every student is unique and beloved by God. On the path of growing up, everyone must learn to face oneself and how to deal with others.

Therefore we stress on the unity of counseling and discipline – on one hand, emphasizing personal counseling on students, daring to discipline, teach, and build up relations with them in hoping that they are responsible for their own choices; on the other, stressing the importance of group life and settlement.

We also try our best to make good use of the various resources to build an effective network to provide appropriate supports to those students in need. For example, we arranged senior schoolmates and alumni to provide academic counseling to Junior form students and we also set up social groups to help students get used to social anxieties- all to help students to remove their obstacles in studying and in growing up.

It is hoped that each and every life can develop his/her gifted potential and actively respond to the missions entrusted by God.

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