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Student Fellowship

Student Fellowship is the school's Christian fellowship for all students. All F.1 – F.6 students, Christians or non-Christians, are welcome to join. Regular fellowship gatherings are held in the School Hall every Friday after school.



Students gather in the Fellowship to learn about and live out their beliefs and share their experiences in the body of Christ. Through various activities, students learn to love and serve each other.



Based on the annual theme of the Fellowship, activities such as bible studies, presentations on special topics, themed group discussions, visits and camps are organised to enable students to learn about and live out their beliefs.



  • The Fellowship Committee is set up in which devoted students learn to serve God and people and become servant leaders.
  • As group leaders, committee members learn to facilitate their groups and care about their group members.
  • In preparing for the school’s Gospel Week, committee members are involved to promote gospel work in campus.
  • Belief is not a theory, but the transformation and growth of life.  As such, fellowship gatherings adopt varied activities to let student learn about and live out their belief in action and interaction.
  • We encourage all committee members and participants to give good life testimonies at school.



  • Many committee members and participants are keen on the gospel work on campus.  Some of them become influential testimonies, including Outstanding Student or Outstanding Leader of the Year.
  • Many committee members and fellowship participants keep following God closely after graduation. They keep serving God and have active participation in ministry and evangelism in their churches and colleges.
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