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We believe that the character of a school can be reflected by students’ discipline.  Therefore, the Prefect Team was set up in September 1978 at the same time when the school was established.  It is to assist the school in keeping sound character of students, both inside and outside the campus.  When schoolmates have problems, prefects also try their best to provide timely assistance.



The Prefect Team shoulders great responsibilities of assisting the school in managing and maintaining discipline at school.  At the same time, our mission is to let schoolmates understand their own responsibilities, assist them in behaving themselves well.  Certainly, prefects have to follow school rules strictly, be a good role model, and point out schoolmates’ mistakes in a friendly way.  They also strive hard to raise students' awareness towards their manners and help them become well-behaved, learn to respect themselves, others and the school.



The Prefect Team is supervised by the Guidance and Discipline Team, with three teacher advisors.  The Team is led by a Head Prefect and two Deputy Head Prefects.  Team members (of around 80 students) are then divided into two teams, which are led by 10 Leader Prefects, for everyday duties.



Every new member has to undergo a series of training, including an over-night wild camp, which aims at team-building, confidence enhancement, and most importantly, exploring and developing students' potentials.

The Prefect Team also provides services on special occasions whenever necessary.



Team Building: Communication is the key to success


Teamwork and Challenges


Nightwalk up to the mountains: Lion Rock


Nightwalk up to the mountains: Sunset Peak


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Athletic Meet


Training in the beautiful country parks 



Hiking to Sunset Peak





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