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Girl Guides


  1. To enable our girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world
  2. To be the leading provider of quality non-formal education programmes, facilitated by passionate leaders, who empower every girl to experience Guiding, to positively change her life and influence the lives of others
  3. To provide our girls with the opportunities to pursue self-training in the development of character, responsible citizenship and service in their communities
  4. To encourage friendship among girls of all nations, within countries and worldwide. 



Based on the four goals and the 8-point Program (see**) set by Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, we organise a wide variety of activities for our girl guides every year in order to help them achieve the 8-point programme and goals and gain from the activities. Our activities include:

  1. Outdoor activities:

Over-night camping activities, outdoor cooking, hiking, picnic, camp fire night (dancing, talent shows, singing, games), barbecue, bamboo-construction, flag-raising ceremony, enrolment ceremony, orienteering, making flag-signals, group games, canoeing and boating. 

At school, the girls are provided the opportunities to learn to become leaders in their patrol and acquire the skills to be Commanders and Colour party members. Foot-drill practices are conducted before the Annual Athletic Meet and girls have to learn to collaborate with all patrol members. They are also trained to exercise body-coordination and physical fitness.

     II.  In-door activities:

Over-night camping at recreational campsites, indoor cooking/learning to cook, dancing, knotting skills, first-aid talks and practices, art and craft workshops (e.g. decoupage and collage, sand glass artwork, crafty decorations), ten-pin bowling, group games, interest badge assessment, talks about ‘Free-being me’.

We meet every Tuesday (4-5pm) and sometimes hold outdoor activities on Saturdays and during school holidays. We usually meet 35 times each year.

We also encourage our girls to take part in the activities organised by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, e.g. International Camping in Denmark, Japan, England and the Mainland China.

We engage ourselves in the Outstanding Girl Guide Award and the Outstanding Unit Award every year.  


 ** All Girl Guides activities and training are based on the 8-point program.

4 Principle Goals

8-point Programme

  • Morality
  • Skills
  • Fitness
  • Services
  1. Getting to Know People
  2. Keeping the Guide Law
  3. Giving Service
  4. Enjoying Out-of-Doors
  5. Exploring the Arts
  6. Becoming a Home Maker
  7. Keeping Fit
  8. Thinking for Yourself



Guides are girls aged from 10 to 18 who are given various opportunities to explore their individual skills, leadership skills, talents, and abilities and try out new challenges as part of a team.  Girls can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community service projects.



Over the past few years our girl guides were awarded with the Outstanding Girl Guide Awards. Our alumna Wong Man Ki was presented the highest Award -- Chief Commissioner's Guide Award.

Our ex-girl guides Chow Kin Yee was awarded the Grand Medal by the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Lau Pui Yuet, Moon became the second runner-up of the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 2013. 


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