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Physics is the foundation of sciences

The study of Physics is to find out what the universe is made of, and how these things work and interact with each other.  All other sciences are built on the knowledge of Physics.

Physics is beautiful

Physicists are constantly striving to find the most fundamental ideas that can be used to describe even the most complicated phenomena.  Newton's Law, for example, consists of the concepts of force and motion, and could be used to describe almost everything in the mechanical world -- from steam engines to the motion of planets.

Physics teaches you to think

The study of all subjects teaches you to think.  However, Physics deals with various basic concepts, the application of technology and techniques of investigation such as "Separation of Variables", "The Scientific Method" and so on.

You will realise that these skills can be applied to many domains, including business, finance and engineering.



  1. To facilitate students in developing interests, motivation and a sense of achievement in their studies.
  2. To help students establish a conceptual framework of Physics knowledge and an understanding of its methodology for their further Physics studies or relevant subjects at higher levels.
  3. To help students enhance their learning ability (i.e. analytical, logical, systematic) and develop their skills and attitudes (i.e. experimental design and techniques, problem-solving, mathematical analysis, critical appraisal and communication skills) required for scientific investigation and communication.
  4. To lead students to appreciate nature, developments in Physics and the social and economic implications of science.



There are 5 major areas of study from F.3 to F.6, which include

  1. Heat and Gases
  2. Force and Motion
  3. Wave Motion
  4. Electricity and Magnetism
  5. Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy

      For a detailed version of the curriculum, please refer to HKDSE Physics Syllabus.



Solar Cooker (F4 1st term) 

Paper Table (F4 Post-exam activity)

Handmade Electric Motor (F5 2nd term)

Wow! It works!


Performances and Achievements

Achievements in Physics Olympiad

2015: Best Schools Award

Outstanding Student Performance Award: 1st Runner-up, Li Yang Hong

For more detailed results, please refer to HK Physics Olympiad result.


Panel Members

Mr. Mok Siu Wai (Panel Convenor)

Mr. Tang Ka Ho

Mr. Wilson Wong (Lab. Technician)

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