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Home Economics


1. To encourage the development of a caring attitude to others by promoting an awareness of the needs of the family and of the community

2. To help students understand the principles underlying the choice and the safety and informed use of materials and equipment

3. To develop a positive attitude towards health

4. To give an appreciation to the effects of different social and cultural influences on home life in Hong Kong

5. To develop intellectual and aesthetic attitudes towards manipulative and creative skills in relation to food, fabrics and home-making

6. To promote the awareness of personal manners, and good grooming of oneself

7. To develop an awareness of designs and colours, shapes and lines



F.1   (1)   Introduction to Home Economics: H/M , N/W , Cookery

        (2)   Family and Community Living

        (3)   Health and Fitness

        (4)   Good Grooming

        (5)   Sewing and Ironing Equipment

        (6)   Sewing and Embroidery Stitches

        (7)   Pin Cushion making

        (8)   Getting to know the H/M room:Dos & Don’ts

        (9)   Kitchen Linen and washing up

        (10) Kitchen Equipment

        (11)  Cooking and Eating

        (12) Food and Nutrients

        (13) Meal Planning

        (14) Choice and Storage of Food ( I ), ( II ), ( III )


F.2   (1)   Family and Community Living

        (2)   Money Management

        (3)   Consumer Guidance

        (4)   Food and Nutrition

        (5)   Body Building Food

        (6)   Energy Giving Food

        (7)   Protective Food

        (8)   Convenience Foods

        (9)   Cooking Methods

        (10) Food Preservation

        (11)  Meal Planning ( I ), ( II )

        (12) Daily Meal ( I ), ( II ), ( III )

        (13) Learning to Knit ( I ), ( II )

        (14) Laundry Work

        (15) Cake Making

               (a) Rubbing-in Method

               (b) Whisking Method

               (c) Creaming Method

               (d) Melting Method

         (16) Pastry Making

                (a) Short-crust pastry

                (b) Rough puff pastry

         (17) Participating in the Sports Ground – Sportswear



1.     Students can be aware of the needs of the family, the school and the community.

2.     Students can choose and use the materials and equipment wisely.

3.     Students know how to take care of their family members' health.

4.     Students appreciate their lives in family, in school and in Hong Kong community.

5.     Students prepare dishes and home-made goods for themselves and their own families.

6.     Students develop their personal manners and good grooming habits.

7.     Students develop an awareness of designs and colours, shapes and lines.


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