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Reading to Learn

Extensive Reading Scheme

Students are encouraged to establish a reading habit that strengthens their learning ability and arouses their interests through an Extensive Reading Scheme throughout the junior forms (from F.1 to F.3). An encouraging system is adopted and monitored by class teachers throughout the school year. Each student will be given a well-designed logbook to record his/her reading records in the Junior forms. Students in different forms are required to read a designated number of books and complete a specific number of reports. They are asked to read from extensive topics and books from different categories throughout each school year. Class teachers will carry out three times of checking every year. They will also arrange every student to get at least one chance to conduct an oral book-sharing in class on Day F. Book coupons will be given out as prizes to those students who present well in class. Students who can finish reading the required numbers of books will be rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes by the end of each school year. A Prize-giving Ceremony and an Oral Report Competition will be held at the end of each school year  to encourage book sharing among students.

Reading Time

Students are encouraged to establish a reading habit that may strengthen their learning ability and serve as an extension of the “Junior Form Extensive Reading Scheme” for junior students. We will designate a period of time as the “Reading-Friendly Session” in order to improve students’ reading standard.

We construct a reading-friendly environment and encourage every student to read at the designated time every day so that they may:

  • develop a persistent reading habit and a “keep-on learning” attitude;
  • strengthen their reading and writing ability by practice;
  • broaden their extra-curricular knowledge and interests;
  • think analytically, value their own lives, and be sensitive to the people and things around them;
  • deepen their commitment to and understanding of life and establish the direction of their life-long learning.

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