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Prayer Focus (December)

Prayer items:

1.      Give thanks for the events held in Oct and early Nov. Give thanks for the smoothness of the events and great times for gathering guests, alumni and parents in school outing and parent nights.

2.      Pray for strength and endurance for all teachers in setting and marking the exam scripts.

3.      Pray for the preparation of the first examination. Pray that students can have a more effective time management and positive attitude towards their study.

4.      Pray for a fruitful staff development day on 2/12. Pray that teachers can gain more insights in Positive Education. Pray that besides teaching, teachers can understand more in the topic of related items.

5.      Keep praying for Mr. Cheng Cho Chak and his family. Pray that he may have a speedy recovery and give thanks for the suitable treatment. Pray for Mrs. Cheng to have good endurance and physical condition to take care of Mr. Cheng’s physical and mental health.

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