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Literature Out Loud


Although the name of our club has stayed the same, last year the members of ‘Literature Out Loud’ decided to embark on a brave and exciting new journey and start a literary magazine aptly named ‘INK’. As simple and straightforward as its namesake, INK magazine aims to foster a love of the printed word as well as artistic creativity in all its myriad forms. Through the publication of our students writing and artwork, we hope to broaden BLMCSS student’s exposure to the English language while instilling in them a love of creativity and aesthetic representation.


To date, our editorial team is comprised of 13 core members and is sectioned according to specific roles and responsibilities ranging from Editor in chief to Artistic director as well as Heads of Print, Marketing, Submissions and all of the supporting roles upon which an endeavour of this magnitude depends.


The theme of our first edition is ‘Introductions’, and as you might expect, there have been some exceptional student submissions that showcase the inner world of students that so many of us rarely get to see. Dreamscapes, cartoons, artwork, diary entries, short stories, and poems are but a few of the examples of the range of creativity on offer from the students at BLMCSS.


Without any exaggeration, the editorial team have shown incredible enthusiasm and diligence in bringing this idea to fruition. They have contributed countless hours and maintained their positivity and humour even under the shadow of deadlines, a pandemic, and rigours of their academic responsibilities. Above all, they are learning and having fun. So keep an eye out for ‘INK’, you won’t be disappointed!

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