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Drama Club


  1. To promote drama as an art form to the whole school and to nurture students to pursue a life-long interest in dramatic art
  2. To provide a platform for students to shine through drama performances so as to gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in drama-making activities
  3. To create high quality and professional drama productions in order to enrich drama experience of students



The Drama Club is dedicated to creating high quality productions through participating in various Ddama competitions, such as Hong Kong School Drama Festival, Rotary Drama Competition, etc.

In 2012, Drama Club kicked off the first Drama Night in which we can share our productions with more people.

Besides making drama, Drama Club is also committed to promoting different drama activities, such as drama appreciation, visits to Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and other training workshops.



The Drama Club is keen to explore different methods to create drama. After years of trial and error, a tradition of Group Devising approach has been established.

After the Drama Club committee has decided on the whole year plan, each member will be assigned to a devising team. Each team, led by a director, will begin their unique devising process through thorough research, group games and scene development exercises. Once the story board is confirmed, further work involving technical arts and other design work will be added. With rehearsals and performance, the whole creative process is completed.

Each of our production is special, not only in its content, but in the whole process which was contributed by the joint efforts of the team.



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