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Careers Guidance Club


The Careers Club assists the Careers and Guidance Team in promoting and organizing a wide variety of careers programmes.


The Team aims to help students understand their own interests, abilities, needs and aspirations so as to make wiser choices in further studies, vocational training and careers planning. It also strives to provide students, parents and teachers with the most up-to-date information about careers and further studies.



1. Recruitment of Committee Members:

  1. All committee members are recruited by careers teachers on a selective basis.
  2. Students who would like to be the chairperson or vice-chairperson need to attend an interview.


2. Duties of Committee Members

There are no regular meetings but committee members need to assist the Careers and Guidance Team in holding year-round activities, programmes and events for the students of different forms.

Committee members can join any of the 3 departments of their own accord:

  1. Visits and talks
  2. Promotion
  3. Mentorship Programme or other programmes organized with different partners (e.g. the Business-School Partnership Programme)



  1. With the help of the Club, students can equip themselves with more career-related experiences through different events including Careers Day, overseas education talks organized by the Careers and Guidance Team as well as different departments and / or organizations.
  2. Committee members also offer assistance in the editing and publication of the handbooks which provide useful information to Form 3 and Form 6 students.
  3. The latest information about overseas education and admissions talks, scholarships and courses, etc. offered by various institutes and organizations is posted or sent to the parties concerned.
  4. The Club also acts as a bridge among students, parents and teachers.



University Admissions Talks

In order to prepare students for multiple pathways, the Careers and Guidance Team has invited admissions officers or professors of both local and international universities to give students talks after school or in assemblies.


Careers-related Activities for F.3 Students

In collaboration with organisations including Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA), the Team organized a wide range of careers-related activities for all F.3 students, one of which is careers visit. With the careers planning session and Holland Test held in Class Teacher Periods, students are put into different groups and brought to various workplaces to explore different types of occupation according to the test results.  


Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Programme (F.2 - F.5)

Our alumni have continuously given significant contributions to the alma mater by sharing their precious knowledge and work experience in different fields through Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) talks, Careers Day, F. 5 and 6 alumni sharing sessions, etc. They play an important role in developing students’ values, knowledge, skills and attitude towards work. 


Careers-related Activities for F.4 and F.5 Students

The Careers and Guidance Team work with different business organisations to help senior form students to learn more about the workplace. One of the organisations includes the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) to join a business-school programme entitled ‘Career in a Nutshell’.  It offered a series of programmes including visits, voluntary services, job-shadowing, talks and games for students to acquire practical and hands-on career-related knowledge in Towngas.


Mentorship Programme (F.4 – F.5)

The Mentorship Programme, another year-long programme, has been jointly organized by the Education Bureau and the Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour for the fourteenth year.17 mentors from the Club were matched with 29 F.4 – F.5 mentees. Mentors and mentees met on a number of occasions throughout the whole year. The programme has succeeded in helping students get exposed to different occupations and developing participants’ communication and social skills.

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