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This subject aims to:

  1. develop students' interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues from an economic perspective;
  2. develop students' understanding of the world in which they live through mastery of basic economic knowledge;
  3. develop students' capacities in economic analysis, so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making rational choices; and
  4. train students to become informed and responsible citizens so that they can engage in the decision-making processes in the modern democratic society.



1.     Students will develop knowledge and understanding about                      

         (a)   basic economic concepts and theories;

         (b)   basic economic problems and alternative solutions;

 (c)   the potential factors underlying the economic decisions that need to be considered by individuals, firms,

        factory owners and governments;

 (d)   the interactions between different economic sectors; and

 (e)   the Hong Kong economy and its relationship with the rest of the world.

2.    Students will develop skills to:

      (a)   interpret economic information presented in verbal, numerical or graphical form;

      (b)   apply their economic knowledge to a variety of problems and issues in terms of economic contexts;

      (c)   analyse information through the use of economic concepts and theories;

      (d)  evaluate information, arguments, proposals and policies from different economic perspectives and make

            informed judgments in a clear, logical and appropriate form.


Curriculum Focus

  1. Our teaching and learning activities enable students to grasp the study skills in Economics for effective learning and analyse economic issues critically.
  2. Through discussing and investigating the controversial issues, students learn to draw conclusions based on logical analyses and at the same time be aware of the value judgments underlying the choices they make.
  3. Through meaningful learning activities, students are trained to apply economic concepts and theories to real-life situations.  They also learn to analyse and evaluate local, national and global economic issues and problems.



1.   Workshops (Financial management) / seminars


  1. To equip students with financing knowledge and confidence to make responsible financial decisions throughout their careers and lives.
  2. To enable students to have a better understanding of the accumulation of "wealth” and to encourage them to equip themselves for future.

2. “EC Shop”

3.  Quiz Show

4. “Monopoly” Competition

5.  Visit

6. Stock Trading Competition




Monopoly Competition


Quiz Show





   EC Shop

Champion of  inter-school competition by Econ School 2019



Stock Trading Competition

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