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Prayer Focus (May)

1.      Pray for Kelvin. Pray that he can meet a professional and responsible medical team to find out his symptom and with good treatment. Pray that he may recover very soon.

2.      Pray for the exam paper settings by the teachers. Hope that teachers have extraordinary wise to set the papers for meeting the situation of the students.

3.      Pray for F1-F5 students for their preparation of the tremendous tests and assignments.

4.      Pray for the students’ physical and spiritual health. Pray that they have good condition and health in facing the lessons and homework.

5.      Keep praying for F6 students and hope they have endurance to face the DSE.

6.      Pray for the preparation of Musical. Pray that the full cast get good conditions and health. Especially pray for Ms Yuen and Ms Chan for there are many trivial matters to deal with.

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