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Prayer Focus (February)

1. Pray for the Parent-Teacher Conferences on 18/2-20/2. Pray for good communication between parents and teachers and the meeting may work out good ways for helping the children.

2. Continue to pray for the F.6 Mock examination. Pray that F6 students have patience and health towards their examination.

3. Pray that F6 students spend their time wisely and have good time management during their study leave for DSE.

4. Pray for the Gospel Week in March. Pray for the smooth arrangement of the activities and pray for the message shared by the guests. Pray that students understand and know God more and will to open their hearts and mind for the gospel.

5. Pray for the Fundraising Walkathon on 3/3. Pray for the climate and the arrangement of the event.

6. A BIG effort on praying for the Open Day. Pray for all the preparations and co-operations between staff, teachers and students. Hope that this event may let God be praised.

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