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Prayer Focus (March)

1.  Keep on praying for the Open Day.

a. May God’s name be spread in the community.

b. Hope that teachers and students have good preparations for the activities.

c. Pray that all visitors know more about LMC and have valuable sharing.  

d. Pray for the ceremony and the visit of the primary students. Hope that they enjoy the learning in these two days.  

2.  Pray for F6 students for they can face their Mock Examination result. Pray that they have positive attitude to face their result and know how to manage their studies during their study leave.

3.  Especially pray for the health of F6 students. Know that they are under great pressure. Pray that they may have good condition in preparing the DSE. Especially pray for their having Oral examination for they need more practice and confidence.

4.  Pray for the coming focus inspection for English Department Hope that the inspection is positive and may enrich the teaching and materials used in the department. Pray that English teachers have good preparations and free confident to face the inspection.

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