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Prayer Focus (January)

1.   Pray for the new customs arrangement between HK and Mainland from 8/1/2023. Pray for the safety of people both in Hong Kong and China. Pray for the sense of security in people’s hearts.

2.    Pray for the students who get covid-19. Pray that they will have smooth learning in zoom lessons. Pray that they all have good recovery very soon.

3.   Pray for the F.1 Admission Day on 7/1/2023. Pray that the talks and arrangements are smooth and the visitors can know more about LMC.  

4.   Pray for the last few days of schooling for F6 students. Pray for the preparation of the F.6 Mock examination. Pray that students can have a more effective time management and positive attitude towards their study. Pray that they will spend the Chinese New Year holiday wisely.

5.   Pray that teachers and students can have a relaxing holiday and spend graceful time with family for the holiday.

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