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Prayer Focus (September)

Prayer items

1.     Pray for all students and teachers to this new school year. Pray for a good beginning among each other. Pray for the adaptability of the whole-day lessons.

2.     Pray for students. Pray that students can learn self-discipline and the passion to engage in learning tasks.

3.     Pray for those need to teach or learn by zoom lesson(s). Pray for the technical support can be smooth and the lessons become efficient too.

4.    Pray for teachers and staff. Pray that we are united and working as a team. Pray for the new teachers and staff for their quick adaptation in LMC.

5.     Especially pray for the new colleague, Ms Ng in the printing room. Pray that she can handle the heavy work load of printing.

6.     Pray for Swimming Gala on 26/9. Pray for the whole arrangement.

7.     Continue to pray for the end of the pandemic. Deliver the world from the disease.

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