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Prayer Focus (October)

Prayer items

  1. Give thanks to the Lord for a smooth September. Pray that teachers and students can make effective use of the whole-day winter time-table.
  2. Continue to pray for the prevention and control measures for COVID-19 of our school. Pray for a safe and healthy school. Pray that we can stand strong together to fight the disease.
  3. Give thanks for the speedy recovery from COVID of colleagues and students. Pray that they have good situation in teaching and learning.  
  4. Continue to pray for the vaccination situation of our school. Hope that the percentages can meet the whole-day schooling requirement in November.
  5. Pray for the beginning of the ECA.
  6. Pray for English week (10-13/10). Pray that more students will participate and will enjoy learning English in the related activities.
  7. Pray for the preparation of events to be held in Oct such as F.1 Day Camp, School Outing / Class Activity, Parents’ Night, etc. Pray for safety and smooth arrangements.
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