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Assembly Title Assembly Date  
The Horror of Silence_Ms Cheung Shing Che2018-11-23Download
The Buccket List_Ms Cheung Shing Che2014-11-20Download
The Art of Waiting_Ms Chew Pi Yun2016-03-15Download
Thanks Giving_Ms Chew Pi Yun2014-10-03Download
Study abroad_Karan Chugh C Net2018-05-11Download
Sharing of my Hobby - Swimming_Ms Wong Sau Chun2015-10-26Download
Share Joy Share Toys_周鳳美老師2014-11-06Download
Sensory Integration_許敏聰老師2018-10-19Download
Self-control_Ms Chew Pi Yun2017-10-04Download
Seize Your Chance!_楊慧嫻老師2017-10-31Download
Scrabble_Ms Kwong Wing Yan2015-03-19Download
School Rules_楊慧嫻老師2018-11-09Download
Respect and Be Responsible_Ms Cheung Shing Che2017-11-17Download
Reading for Pleasure_Ms Lee Yee Ting2016-10-25Download
Reading counts_Ms Lee Yee Ting2018-10-18Download
Put Targets into Actions_Ms Cheung Shin2015-03-10Download
Put first things first_Ms Chew Pi Yun2016-10-04Download
Put a Shark in your Tank_Ms Liu Man Yin2016-01-22Download
Promotion of LMC Arts Festival 2017-2018_杜一選老師2018-03-02Download
Pray and God Listens_Ms Chan Kwai Lin2017-03-28Download
Pleasure of Reading_Ms Chew Pi Yun2016-04-06Download
Planning_Ms Deborah Warton2016-11-21Download
Our birthday_Ms Kwong Wing Yan2017-04-07Download
Nightmares_Ms Kwong Wing Yan2016-11-30Download
Necessary Evil_劉甘來老師2014-10-31Download
My Experiences in Hong Kong_Karan Chugh C Net2017-11-08Download
More Than a Name_Ms Lam Chau Lan2015-04-20Download
Mock Trial Sharing_Deborah Warton2018-04-27Download
Mind the Gap_Ms Deborah Warton 2018-10-08Download
Mind the Gap !_Ms Deborah Warton2018-11-12Download
Messages Brought by Non-verbals_Ms Yeung Wai Han2015-10-05Download
Mentorship Programme Sharing_藍秋蘭老師2015-10-15Download
Love is Power_周鳳美老師2018-10-16Download
Living Angels Around Us_Ms Yeung Wai Ha2016-10-14Download
Life Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge_Ms Chew Pi Yun2017-02-03Download
Let us cooperate and collaborate_Ms Chan Kwai Lin2015-05-21Download
Language Learning_Ms Deborah Jane Warton2015-11-24Download
Lady Bird_Ms Kwong Wing Yan2018-03-08Download
Joy of sharing_張淑華老師2017-10-03Download
Interesting features of English Language_Ms Yeung2019-03-28Download
How to make the best out of boring tasks_Ms Chew2018-10-31Download
Hong Kong Mock Trial_Ms Warton Deborah2016-05-19Download
Home Is Where The Heart Is_Ms Chan Kar Man2016-05-30Download
HK Arts Festival 17 Border Crossings_Ms Cheung SC2017-02-23Download
Hiking_Ms Deborah Warton2017-03-17Download
Gweilo A memoir of a Hong Kong childhood_Ms Cheung2016-02-03Download
Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset_溫家傑校長2018-01-03Download
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