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Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit 109, as one of the members of the International Red Cross Movement, aims at (1) protecting life and health; (2) serving the community and (3) putting the spirit of humanity in action. 



General meetings are held on Tuesdays during the School ECA period. 

Training Course

Drill practices, first-aid, nursing, sign language, knotting, health training…

Volunteer Services

School Medical Room duty, first-aid services, promotion of health care, service projects with other social welfare organisations…

Friendship Gatherings

Winter outing, joint school activities…

Other activities

Blood Donation Day, Enrolment, Drilling Competition, First-aid Competition, Nursing Competition…



Uniqueness of Activities

  • Through our 'Progressive Activities Scheme', members are nurtured stage by stage to embrace the mission of Red Cross Uniform Group and are equipped with leadership skills, health care knowledge, discipline and social service skills in order to provide a variety of quality services to the needy in the community.
  • Members are involved in managing and implementing schemes to enable them to attain personal growth.


Progressive Activities Scheme



1. Protecting life and health

Training on first aid skills, health care skills, small scale saving skills, health and hygiene education, community service and health-check skills, etc., is provided.

2. Serving the community

Members are encouraged to participate in voluntary services to help people with different needs, including the wounded, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the discriminated and the left-out.

3. Enhance mutual understanding and respect

Different recreational and group activities, and international exchange programmes encourage members to broaden their horizons and their social circles, to understand and accept others, and to establish friendships.

4. Disseminate Red Cross humanitarian value

The Red Cross' spirit of humanity is promoted through lessons, games, competitions, promotion efforts and big events.

5. Develop personal potential

Members are encouraged to join meaningful activities during leisure time such as marching, group activities and skills training, and hence develop skills like leadership and creativity.


2019 Service project


2018-19 Youth Nursing Competition


2022 Oath Ceremony


2022 Friendship activity



Hong Kong Red Cross
Youth Unit 109

18-19 Best Service Theme Project Competition

Overall Champion

18-19 Outstanding Youth Team Competition

East New Territories Divisional Headquarters: Champion

East New Territories Divisional Headquarters - Shatin North District: Champion

18-19 Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Units Service Shield

Overall 1st Runner-up

18-19 Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Units Training Shield

East New Territories Divisional Headquarters: 2nd Runner-up

18-19 Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Units Youth Nursing Competition 

Overall 4th place

East New Territories Divisional Headquarters: 1st Runner-up

6C Ho Ching Hei

Youth Attainment Badge


6C Ho Ching Hei

Red Cross Youth of the Year 2021


5E Ng Ka Nim Flora

Red Cross Youth of the Year 2022


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