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Geography Society


  1. To stimulate students’ interest in Geography and arouse their curiosity about our world.
  2. To strike a balance between academic learning and fun learning
  3. To enhance knowledge about the use of geo-informatics techniques, including GIS, GPS and mobile apps
  4. To provide a platform for interaction between students especially through outdoor activities


Meetings will be held during the school year.  The first meeting will be held at the beginning of the school year to introduce committee members and activity plan.  Active participants will be awarded with certificates at the last meeting.

Field trips, visits or orienteering activities will be held almost once a month. The activities will be announced in October and each member will be distributed a booklet with the activity plan inside.


  1. Students can learn geographical knowledge and skills through activities
  2. Committee members are required to plan, organise and lead the activities.
  3. Creativity, teamwork and collaboration among participants and committee members can be enhanced.
  4. Participants can learn to appreciate the wonders of Nature and enhance their awareness of protecting our environment.


  1. Students are able to apply a range of practical, organisational and intellectual knowledge and skills to “real world” problems or issues.
  2. A supportive and mutually accepting learning community is developed to allow students to participate actively in learning.


Astronomical and environmental study camp

Astronomical and environmental study camp

Sunset trip at Ha Pak Nai 

Overnight camp on Sunset Peak (Lantau Camp)

Orienteering activity organised by Orienteering Association Hong Kong

 City orienteering in different urban areas in Hong Kong

Wan Chai (poster)

PMQ (Sheung Wan and Central)

Victoria Peak

Walk & Rock: Field trip to Tung Lung Island

Conquer the Dragon: Hike at Dragon's back (poster)

Night Walk and Tram Ride at the Peak (poster)


  • Students apply their knowledge and concepts in the authentic real world.
  • Students are able to develop mutual trust and build a respectful and caring learning community with active learning.
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