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Outstanding Students

2017-2018 Outstanding Students

Outstanding Student Awardee:

Wong Yuen Long, Tony

Tony is a high caliber student. Other than his excellent academic performance, he also has an exceptional talent for music. Over the years, Tony has won numerous individual awards in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. His talent gained international recognition when he captured the silver award in the Japan Hamamatsu PIARA Piano Competition in 2015. As the leader of the bass section of our senior choir over the past years, he has greatly inspired those around him. Outside of school, Tony contributes greatly to the community. He was appointed BEC Biodiversity Ambassador, and was selected to be a volunteer teacher for the ethnic minorities of Hong Kong. Hearty congratulations to Tony.


Outstanding Leadership Awardee:

Kayle Ieong

As the Chairlady of the Chinese Dance Club, Kayle has put in tremendous effort in leading her club members to perform and participate in numerous competitions. Not only is Kayle the vice-chairperson of Student Union, but she is also the vice-captain of Yellow House. As a leader in various positions, she is truly a role model who has inspired her fellow schoolmates. Kayle’s devotion and enthusiasm won her the Outstanding Leadership Award. Let us give her a big hand.




Amy Cheung

As the Chairlady of the school Red Cross Youth Unit, Amy takes her work seriously and always does her best. Amy is dedicated to volunteer work and is definitely a positive influence on other Red Cross members, encouraging them to enroll in different volunteer work as well as professional training. Not only that, Amy is also keen on participating in various activities. She has taken part in the Best Service Themes Project Competition organized by the Red Cross, and she will be representing New Territories East in the Departmental Competition. A hearty congratulations to Amy.


Outstanding Community Service Awardee:

Amy Cheung

Amy is the Chairlady of the school Red Cross Youth Unit. She was the Service Leader last year, leading her team to organize and participate in different volunteer work targeting children, the elderly and the homeless. Her passion towards serving others and nurturing the younger members as a leader has been recognized. She worked as a volunteer for over 300 hours; that has earned her the Gold Service Award from the Hong Kong Red Cross. Congratulations Amy.




Outstanding Talent Awardee:

Hayley Ng

Hayley is the vice-chairperson of Jazz Club, and she is also an active member of the Western Dance Club. She has been actively involved in various dance competitions and remaking choreography. As a key member of Jazz Club, Hayley and her teammates received the Honours Award in the 54th Schools Dance Festival. Her accomplishments and dedication won her the Outstanding Talent Award. Congratulations to Hayley.




Evan Ma

As the chairperson of the Design and Technology Society, Evan has represented our school in international competitions. Last year, he participated in the International Robotic Olympiad in Liaoning, he was awarded World Champion in the Robot Basketball category. He was also the champion in the FIRST Tech Challenge. This year, Evan and his team members represented Hong Kong to join the World Robot Olympiad, and they got 5th place among 40 teams in the Open Category. Not only that, he also represented Hong Kong to join the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition Champion in India and Costa Rica, he was given Mechanical Design Award as well as Robot Performance Award. Hearty congratulations to Evan.


Ally Chan

Ally participated in the Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship which was recently held at Hong Kong University. Students from 26 schools from across Hong Kong compete against each other over two days of intense simulated trials acting as barristers and witnesses. The competitors are adjudicated by practising legal professionals. Ally was given the Outstanding Barrister Award which placed her in the top 10 of a pool of 156 student barristers. This is also the second time Ally has been ranked in the top 10 of this competition in the past three years. Congratulations Ally.




Outstanding Athletic Awardee:

Tyrus Tang

Tyrus is one of the core members of our school’s swimming team. This year, he was the Grade A overall champion of our school’s Swimming Gala capturing 3 gold medals and breaking one official record. Also, Tyrus is the 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up for 100 metres and 200 metres freestyle respectively in the Inter-school Swimming Championships in Sha Tin and Sai Kung Districts this year. He has ensured that the Grade A Boys were well placed in the same competition. His sportsmanship and persevering quality should be acknowledged and praised. Congratulations, Tyrus.



Jennifer Tang

Jennifer has won numerous swimming awards over the past years. She was the champion in the 100 metres Breaststroke and 50 metres Butterfly, and 1st runner-up in the 50 metres and 100 metres Backstroke in this year’s Swimming Gala. In the Inter-school Swimming Championships in Sha Tin and Sai Kung Districts, Jennifer was the 2nd runner-up in the 50 metres Butterfly and 100 metres Backstroke. Her effort led the Grade B Girls to obtain 1st runner-up. Congratulations to Jennifer.





Joshua Ho

Joshua is a core member in both of our school’s cross-country and long-distance running teams. In the Inter-school Athletics Championships in Shatin and Sai Kung Districts this year, Joshua was the individual 1st runner-up in the cross-country and long-distance running categories. He has also led the Grade A boys to obtain 7th place in the cross-country competition and 3rd place in the long-distance running competition. Congratulations to Joshua.





Sammi Yeung

Sammi is the champion and record holder of our school’s 100 metres hurdles and 400 metres sprint. In the Inter-school Athletics Championships in Shatin and Sai Kung Districts, she was the champion and the record holder of the 100 metres hurdles. She has also worked hard with her teammates in to achieve 2nd place in the 4 x 100 metres relay. Outside of school, Sammi has also actively taken part in a lot of Track and Field competitions, including the Watsons Athletic Club Annual Challenge where she became the champion and record holder of the 400 metres sprint and 400 metres hurdles. Hearty congratulations to Sammi.




Owen Chan

Owen is one of the core members of our school’s swimming team. This year, he was the individual Grade B champion in our school’s Swimming Gala gaining 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals. In the Inter-school Swimming Championships in Sha Tin and Sai Kung Districts this year, Owen was the champion of the 50 metres Butterfly and 200 metres Individual Medley. His brilliant performance assisted the Grade B boys to obtain the 2ndrunner-up in the competition. Owen’s conscientiousness and hard work are highly commendable. Congratulations Owen.




Kam Yuen Wa

Yuen Wa is the individual overall champion of this year’s Athletic Meet. She was the champion of 100 metres, as well as the champion and the record holder of the of the High jump and Long jump categories this year. In the Inter-school Athletics Championships in Shatin and Sai Kung Districts, she was the champion of both Long Jump and High Jump, and is the 1st runner-up of the 4x100 metres relay. Her hard work has helped the Grade B girls to become the overall champions. Outside of school, Yuen Wa also participates actively in different sports competitions. In the Track and Field competition organized by the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association, Yuen Wa was the 2nd runner-up of the Triple Jump category. She was also  the champion of the 100 metres and Long Jump in the District Age Group Athletics Competition in Kwun Tong. Congratulations to Yuen Wa.


2016-2017 Outstanding Students

Outstanding Student Awardee:KWOK MAN YI

郭敏怡同學積極上 進,對數理抱有熱忱。她屢次代表學校於多個數學、物理和科學比賽中獲獎。自中二起,敏怡多次代表香港出戰國際性數學 比賽,屢獲殊榮。身為港 隊唯一一位女隊員,她在 國際數學奧林匹克獲得銅 牌,後又在中國數學奧林 匹克勇奪金牌,成為香港 第一個獲此成就的女生。 敏怡曾在校內擔任數學學 會主席,致力於校內推廣 數學,亦曾為風紀隊和中 文辯論隊隊員,品學兼優。Kwok's sharing





Outstanding Student Awardee:LAU PAK TAO

劉百滔同學處事認 真,在校內擔任廣思學會 主席及中樂團團員,樂於 提攜學弟妹。在校外,他 連續三年打入外交盃決 賽,今年更榮獲最佳發言 人獎。百舀熱愛學習,在 多個學科有超卓表現,但 仍書不離手,虛心求進, 更不時指點同儕,其獲此 獎,實至名歸。Lau's sharing






Outstanding Leadership Awardee:AU TSZ NING

區芷寧為本校紅十字 會青年團友誼隊長,處事 態度認真,做事親力親為, 竭力盡忠,而且尊敬師長, 待人有禮。她積極參與義 工服務,在服務中,她表 現出待人以誠的特質。在 人際網絡上,她與友團會 員關係良好,和本校團委 員合作無間,亦與會員相 處融洽。她關心每位會員 的成長,鼓勵他們參與義 工服務、友誼活動及各項 專業訓練。她亦經常親自 策劃及帶領會員們參與各 種友誼活動,著重於團隊 合作精神。因此,在她的 帶領下,會員積極投入, 上下一心。她熱心參與各 項活動,並且考獲多個青 年導師資格, 今年更獲 選為傑出紅十字會青年會 員。芷寧充滿熱誠,盡心 盡力,深受會員愛戴;其 獲此獎,實至名歸。Au's Sharing




Outstanding Leadership Awardee:NG CHIN HEI

吳千禧為本校紅十字 會青年團總隊長,親和力 強,注重團隊各人的溝通 和合作,深受會員愛戴。 她去年擔任服務隊長,曾 帶領全體會員參與義工服 務, 關心兒童、長者、智 障人士及露宿者的需要, 更在不同場合為本校同學 及公眾人士提供急救。為 了解每位會員的需要,她 會主動接近不同年級的會 員,而且她亦經常親自帶 領低年級同學積極參加急 救、護理和步操比賽,鼓 勵同學報讀不同類型的訓 練課程,重視每位會員的 專業訓練和成長,提昇整 體會員的能力,改善服務 技巧,以致為受惠者提供 最佳的服務。她熱心參與 各項活動,先後獲頒紅十 字會的「榮譽獎章」及服 務獎章,參與義工服務超 過三百小時。並且考獲多 個青年導師資格;其獲此 獎,實至名歸。Ng's Sharing




Outstanding Community Service Awardee:LAM MUI KIT

林玫潔同學曾連續 兩年擔任本校公益少年 團團長, 同時也是去年 風紀隊副總隊長。玫潔 為人熱情開朗, 處事認 真, 凡事親力親為。除 校內義工服務, 玫潔還 主動參與外間機構服務, 接受各項挑戰。玫潔有 親和力和感染力, 除身 體力行外, 還感染身邊 同學跟她一起參與義工 服務。玫潔今年更獲選 公益少年團傑出團員, 將代表香港前往韓國交 流。Lam's Sharing





Outstanding Talent Awardee:LEE HO YEUNG

李浩洋同學為本年度設計與科技學會主席。浩洋在初 中階段已展現了他天賦的創意和對科技的濃厚興趣。他在 中二時獲校方推薦參加「WRO 世界奧林匹克機械人大賽 2014」( 香港選拔賽),雖是首次參加比賽,但在比賽中 表現卓越,榮獲初中組比賽冠軍,並得到大會推薦成為香 港代表隊,參加二零一四年假俄羅斯索契舉行的WRO 國 際賽。此後,他仍繼續參與各類型的科技和設計比賽,今 年更是碩果豐盈的一年,在「香港FLL 樂高創意機械人大 賽」中獲得賽事的「機械人設計大獎」、在「WRO 世界 奧林匹克機械人大賽2016」( 香港選拔賽) 中再度出線, 代表香港出戰於印度新德里舉行,超過五十個國家參與的 WRO 國際賽,並且在40 隊冠軍隊伍中獲得創意組世界 第八名的佳績。不但如此,浩洋和隊友今年三月在「香港 FTC 科技挑戰賽」中獲得賽事的「全場總冠軍」的優異成 績,更獲邀代表香港參加將於今年七月假澳洲悉尼舉行的 「FTC 科技挑戰賽亞太區邀請賽」,可見他在設計、解難、 建構方面的才華和與隊友的協作能力。

除此之外,他在校內亦積極籌辦和推動科技創意活 動,並以身作則鼓勵學弟妹參與,更把自己所有的知識、 經驗和熱誠傳遞給他們。浩洋榮獲此獎,實至名歸。



Outstanding Talent Awardee:IEONG KWAN NOK

楊君諾同學為本年度中 國舞學會主席。君諾為校內 舞蹈團的積極份子,為人開 朗正面又富責任感。每次舞 蹈排練及演出時,君諾都表 現出對舞蹈的熱誠和認真。 君諾在舞蹈學會中無私的付 出和對師妹的提點和照顧, 讓她得到眾人的愛戴。今年 中國舞蹈組同學更以「喜鵲 喳喳喳」,在第53 屆校際 舞蹈節中贏取最高優等獎, 楊君諾同學的帶領實在功不 可沒。君諾在舞蹈的傑出表 現,對藝術活動態度積極, 熱誠投入,獲取傑出才藝大 獎,確是實至名歸。





Outstanding Talent Awardee:LAU MAN HIM

劉敏謙同學為本年度戲劇學會副主席, 高級合唱團男高音聲部長。劉同學自中一開始 已漸露其演藝才華,在三十五周年校慶音樂劇 ──「呂途」中擔任主要角色。及後劉同學一 直積極參與戲劇學會和合唱團活動。

劉同學在多個表演均有出色的表現,在 戲劇方面,劉同學多次擔任主要演員,在過去 兩年均在沙田戲劇匯演中奪得最佳演藝大獎, 亦於本年度學校戲劇節奪得傑出導演獎和傑出 劇本獎;在音樂方面,去年高級混聲合唱團於 第68 屆中學混聲合唱團決賽中勇奪全港最佳 中學混聲合唱團( 第二組別) 的殊榮,同年劉 同學亦代表學校在音樂節牧歌( 新界東) 組別 獲取冠軍。今年合唱團又分別於第69 屆香港 學校音樂節中奪得第一組別中學混聲合唱團外 文歌曲中級組及第二組別中學混聲合唱團中文 歌曲高級組季軍,劉同學均是當中主要成員。

劉同學不單表演經驗豐富,更重要的是對 藝術充滿熱誠和有一份很純真的執著。其獲此 獎,實至名歸。



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