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Internal Awards & Scholarship

Principal CC Cheng Scholarship

The family of Lui Ming Choi Foundation would like to honor 
and express their gratitude to former Principal Mr CC Cheng on devoting himself to lead the BLMCSS, member of the Lui Ming Choi Fund family, Mr Lu Yuen Shun Joseph geneorously established the Principal CC Cheng Scholarship at his retirement in 2012.  Two students with excellent public examination results will be awarded with the scholarship.


梁詠臻同學     attained six 5** , one 5                         Faculty of Law, HKU & London U
李泱泓同學     attained five 5** , one 5*, one 5          Faculty of Science, Cambridge U
劉璟恒同學     attained four 5** , four 5*                    Faculty of Engineering, HKU
王珀嵐同學     attained three 5** , three 5*                Faculty of Medicine, CUHK  
韓可揚同學     attained three 5** , two 5*                   Faculty of Dentistry, HKU

譚誠壹同學     attained five 5** , two 5*                       Faculty of Architecture, HKU
廖延銘同學     attained four 5** , two 5*                      Faculty of Medicine, CUHK



Shirley Ngai Education Fund

Ms. Shirley Ngai, who devoted much of her efforts as an effective English Language teacher, a caring and inspiring class teacher and the innovative leader of the Public Relations and Publication Team as well as a professional career teacher in her 12 years of service to the school, died on September 29, 2013.  Her belief and passion for life together with her whole-hearted devotion to learning and teaching inspired a lot of students, parents and her colleagues.  Mr. Curly Leung, one of our student mentors in the Mentorship Programme initiated by the Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour, and his wife Dr. Edith Chun generously pledged a donation of HK$350,000 to the school as start-up beneficence of Ms. Shirley Ngai Education Fund. The p
urpose of the education fund is to carry on the spirit of “Impact of life on lives”, selfless care and whole-person development in the memory of Ms. Shirley Ngai.


English Language Academic Improvement Award 

Form 1:黃樂晴、楊昕曦、張婉婷、蘇楚筠
Form 2:吳詠恩、王文蕙、李昀芊、劉潤凝

Scholarship for Outstanding Performance of English Language in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE)


Eugene Wong Music Scholarship

Group A: Excellent Performance in 1st Instrument or Outstanding leadership or service

Award for Oboe player : 3C Chan Ching Ho

Award for Vocalist : 5B Tsoi Wai Lam

Award for Outstanding Leadership in Choir : 5E Kan Man Jing

Award for Vocalist and Outstanding Leadership in String Orchestra : 5B Meng Feng Ching

Award for Vocalist and Outstanding Leadership in String Orchestra : 5A Wong King Chak

Group B: Excellent Performance in 1st instrument + Outstanding leadership or service

Award for Outstanding Chinese Orchestra Deputy Head : 5B Leung Yue Fung

Award for Outstanding Chinese Orchestra Head : 4A Wong Yin Ting

Award for Outstanding String Orchestra Head : 5B Ng Chun Hon

Group C: Excellent Performance 1st instrument + Outstanding leadership or service+Recognition  outside school

Award for BLMCSS Musician of the Year : 5B Chan Ling Fung (Vocal)

(Music Society Chairperson for Two years, Mixed Choir Head)



6A 黃源龍、6A 劉百滔、6E 余曉婷、4A 余晉霖
6B 黄俊燾、6C 陳樂心、6D 張雋永、4A 葉子樂

Shatin Baptist Church Scholarship 

Aim:To appreciate students who shoulder the preaching of gospel in the campus.


2017-2018  Form 5:鄭家謙
2016-2017  Form 6:李慆彣
​                    Form 5:張學霖
2015-2016  Form 6蔡忻諾
​                    Form 5:李慆彣


The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong Outstanding Students Scholarship

Aim:To cite students for outstanding performance in academic, morality and service.


2017-2018  Form 5:張思穎、楊君諾;Form 6:黃源龍

2016-2017  Form 5:劉百滔;Form 6:郭敏怡、林玫潔

2015-2016  Form 5: 廖明蔚、李天心、王悅心



Alumni Association Scholarship 

Aim:To encourage students to devote themselves to their campus life. Awardees will assist in the coordination work of the Association.


2017-2018  Form 6:王元昇、藍曉琳、羅  彥

2016-2017  Form 6  廖明蔚李天心、王悅心

2015-2016  Form 6 : 黃逸怡、施佳俊、高凡舜








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