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Physics Competition Training Team


Physics Olympiad Training Team provides F.2 to F.4 students with talent in Physics full support in terms of learning materials, exercises, online resources to learn about Mechanics up to university level, preparing them to participate in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad (HKPhyO), a territory-wide competition organised by the Hong Kong Physics Society, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.  

The objectives are:

(1) to allow students talented in Physics to enjoy Physics learning with enriched and extended learning opportunities;

(2) to enhance their problem-solving skills and communication skills; and

(3) to build an effective learning community in Physics focusing on interaction and cooperation.


Courses are held from October to May. There are around 25 lessons in total and each lesson lasts for 3 hours. Contents include Kinematics, Force and Motion, Work and Power, Momentum and Impulse, Torque, Law of Universal Gravitation, Uniform Circular Motion of Planets and Satellites, and Simple Harmonic Motion (s.h.m.).  For further details, please refer to the homepage of HKAGE.



Problem-solving skills are highly emphasised.


Mathematical tools like Trigonometry, Vector Analysis, Calculus and Tayler Series are integrated into describing the physical system and tackling problems in physics.


Cooperative learning and flip-the-classroom strategies are adopted.


Students with excellent performance in HKPhyO will be nominated to participate in advance physics learning at universities, preparing themselves for worldwide physics competitions like the Pan-Pearl River Delta and Chinese Elite Schools, the Asian Physics Olympiad and the International Physics Olympiad.


School Awards

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad

2009 Best School Award (7th), 2011 Best School Award (7th in senior), 2012 Best School Award (8th in senior; 4th in junior), 

2013 Best School Award (8th), 2014 Best School Award (6th), 2015 Best School Award (5th), 2017 Best School Award (10th).

Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad

2011 Second Runner-up - Group (2 Second Honor awards and 2 Third Honor Awards in total)

Individual Outstanding Awards


 Ip Tsz Lok

HKPhyO  (2017) First Honour

Li Yang Hong

HKPhyO  (2013)  Second Honour, (2014) First Honour, Outstanding Student Performance Awards  (2nd Runner-up), Best Junior Student Award, (2015) First Honour, Outstanding Student Performance Awards  (1st Runner-up)

The 11th Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2015)  Third honour
The 12th Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2016)  Second honour
17th Asian Physics Olympiad (2016) "Material Research Society of Singapore for Most Creative Solution in Experimental Examination" and Honorable Mention
Kwok Man Yi

HKPhyO (2014) Third Honour, (2015) First Honour

The 11th Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2015)  Third honour
Leung Ka Hei
HKPhyO (2007) First Honour and F.5 overall 1st runner-up
The 4th Pan-Pearl River  Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2008) First honour with full marks, Overall Champion
The 9th Asian Physics Olympiad  (2008)  Bronze
The 39th International Physics Olympiad  (2008)  Gold
Tsang Chi Hang
HKPhyO  (2006)  Third Honour
The 3rd Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2007)   Second Honour
The 8th Asian Physics Olympiad  (2007)  Hong Kong Representative
Choi Kit Yan
HKPhyO  (2006)  First Honour
Lai Kai Chun
HKPhyO (2004)  Third Honour
The 1st Pan-Pearl River Delta plus Chinese Elite Schools Physics Olympiad  (2005)  First Honour
The 36th International Physics Olympiad   (2005)  Bronze


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