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Mathematics Competition Training Team


The Mathematics Competition Training Team aims at providing more learning opportunities to talented students beyond the classroom through training and taking part in large-scale mathematics competitions. Students can then develop their potential and have a clearer direction for their future development.


yes Mathematics Competition Training Courses

4 classes in total (F1, F2, F3 and F4/5), in the form of classroom teaching, are conducted once a week. Tutors are former members of the school Mathematics Competition Training Team.

yes Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad

"Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad" is a large-scale annual mathematics competition jointly organised by the Mathematics Education Section of the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Institute of Education. It consists of both individual and group competitions.

yes Large-scale Mathematics Competitions

Members of the Training Team are actively involved in many large-scale mathematics competitions such as the International Mathematical Olympiad, Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition, the Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest and the Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition for Secondary Schools. Not only have they won numerous awards, but they have also benefited a lot from the competitions.


enlightened Pass-It-On

The tutors of the Mathematics Competition Training Courses are all former members of the school team. They strived hard and achieved honours for the school in various mathematics competitions. In addition to teaching mathematics knowledge, they also share their experiences with students and give advice to them.


The 6th Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competition for Secondary Schools

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