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Caring Ambassador


To foster a caring culture at school and encourage teachers, parents and students to work together for a warm and loving campus through a wide range of activities

enlightenedTo establish a support network among form teachers to improve team spirit and enhance class management skills

enlightenedTo build a harmonious relationship among every individual in school, to encourage students to help and care about each other, and to establish the Caring Campus Ambassador team

enlightenedTo adopt a whole-school approach in catering for learning diversity, to arrange extended learning activities after class and to coordinate with the Peer Support Scheme

enlightenedTo promote cross-subject cooperation so as to foster a caring culture at school



heart Issue Concerned: Sense of belonging to the class/ the school

heart Issue Concerned: Leadership training for Caring Campus Ambassadors

heart Issue Concerned: Better teacher-student and home-school relationship

heart Issue Concerned: Care for schoolmates with special education needs

heart Issue Concerned: Care for the community

heart Issue Concerned: Moral education

heart Issue Concerned: Parents education



yes Caring Campus Ambassadors Training

yes A letter from F2 to F1 students (Class Teacher Period/ F2 Chinese Lessons)

yes Teacher Appreciation Day (Parents Days)

yes Lunch with the Principal

yes Walking With Repeaters

yes Shine Girls Shine (4 times in the 1st term; 6 times in the 2nd term)

yes My Friends Club (4 times in the 1st term; 6 times in the 2nd term)

yes Community services


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