BLMCSS Library

Rules and Regulation

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

Library Regulations

(The library regulation may be consulted on request at any of the Hong Kong Public Libraries )

  1. All library users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the Library as displayed in the Library or given verbally by the teacher or librarians.
  2. Admission to the Library is conditional upon the presentation of a valid Student Identity Card. The card is not transferable.
  3. Loss of a Student Identity Card must be reported to the School Office without delay. A charge will be made for obtaining a replacement.
  4. The Library is a place for all library users to pursue their studies and research in a congenial atmosphere free from unnecessary disturbance. To this end, any misuse of library facilities or any behavior considered by the Teacher Librarian to be unseemly is not permitted. The teacher or student librarians have the authority to exclude those who have ignored verbal warning from the Library for the remainder of the day. Serious offences will be liable to further disciplinary action.
  5. Books and other items which are the property of the Library must not be mutilated or defaced. The full replacement cost will be charged for any damage caused by users.
  6. Food or drink is not permitted inside the Library.
  7. Wet umbrellas or bags are not permitted inside the Library. They are required to put on the shelves outside the Library.
  8. No physical games of any form are allowed in the Library.
  9. Library users are required to sit in the places provided. Tables and chairs should not be misused or moved to new positions.
  10. Students are not allowed to adjust any control of the air conditioners or the electricity power.
  11. Seat reservation is not permitted in the Library. Please remember to keep your valuables with you at all times. The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.
  12. At the request of a teacher or a librarian, all library materials and personal belongings must be shown for inspection at the Library exit.
  13. Silence must be strictly observed in the Library. NO group project work is allowed. Any user causing disturbance to others and ignoring the verbal warning of the librarian will be liable to disciplinary action, and may be excluded from the Library.
  14. All library materials must be kept clean.
  15. A borrower shall, before leaving the Library, ensure that any library material issued to him/her is complete and undamaged.
  16. Please report lost books or damaged Library facilities to the Teacher. A charge will be made for any library material lost or damaged, which will be such sum as the Librarian considers necessary to replace the library material or set of library materials which the library material forms a part.
  17. Do not reserve or hide the Library materials intentionally so that other readers cannot use or find the materials.
  18. In the use of photocopying machines in the Library, the law regarding copyright must be observed. Reproduction or duplication of audio-visual materials or computer software is strictly prohibited. Users are warned that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright that may arise.
  19. Users should treat the Teacher, student librarians and other users in a courteous and respectful manner.
  20. Overdue Fine per day or part of the dayeach library material:$1 per day with a maximum of $130