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New Annex Project

We are more than happy to announce that the construction project of an new annex was approved by the Financial Committee of the LEGCO on 27 February, 2015. The Project commenced on 28 Dec 2015 and will be finished in 2018.  Total construction area is 3 372 m2, height 24 m.

After the release of the occupancy permit, the school will apply to construct the multi-purpose area on 1/F and 2/F to a Multi-purpose Hall which can accommodate around 200 people.  The hall will be used for large-class lessons, assemblies, drama shows, choir and orchestra performances as well as visual arts exhibitions.  Expected completion: Nov 2019.

The Project amounts to an expenditure of around 150 million dollars, most of which will be burdened by the Government. However, we still have to raise about 20 million dollars (updated in March 2016, for phase 1 of the Campus Enhancement Project) by ourselves for the restructuring of two storeys in the new annex (approved), procurement of necessary equipment, refurnishing and extension works of the Library, Home Economics Room and special activity rooms (Details please refer to "Renovation").

Let’s work together to build an ideal campus. We are looking forward to having more space for our students to show their talents and potentials with the completion of the new annex.  May we have your prayer for our needs in the Project.



  • By crossed cheque (Payable to "The Incorporated Management Committee of Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School")

Construction Engineering team

Project Manager : Education Bureau

Architect : Chows Architects Limited   Main Contractor : Law Chi Yip Construction Co., Ltd.
Structural Engineer : Canwest Consultants Limited   Sub-Contractor :  Lap Kai Engineering Co., Ltd
Building Services Engineer :  ISPL Consultant Limited   Sub-Contractor :  Joint Effort Engineering (Asia) Limited
Quantity Surveyor :  Frank & Vargeson (HK) Limited      
Landscape Architect : Earthasia Limited      

Diary of New Annex Construction Project  










2018.10.1 - 2018.11.31 Interior construction


2018.08.1 - 2018.09.30 Interior construction 


2018.06.1 - 2018.07.31 Interior construction


2018.04.1 - 2018.05.31   Building 5/F to R/F | Interior construction of 1/F to 4/F 


2018.02.1 - 2018.03.31   Building 2/F to 4/F

2017.12.1 - 2017.01.31   Building G/F and 1/F 

2017.10.1 - 2017.11.30   Substructure works | Fixing of Reinforcement Steel Bar ​| Fixing of Reinforcement Steel Bar to G/F Beam | Blinding Layer for G/F Beam cables


2017.08.1 - 2017.09.30   Substructure works | Underground drainage works​| Relocation of 5/F existing switch room | Insulation test for existing underground cables


2017.06.1 - 2017.07.31   Substructure works | Construction of new storm water manhole and replacement of existing pipes​| Re-routing works of existing underground cable in progress.


2017.04.1 - 2017.05.31   Substructure works in progress | Re-routing works of existing underground cable in progress.


2017.02.1 - 2017.03.31  Piling works completed | Diversion of underground utility services completed | Substructure works in progress


2016.12.1 - 2017.01.31 Piling works in progress | Connection work of underground electrical cable

2016.10.1 - 2016.11.30 Piling works in progress | Diversion of underground utility services 

2016.8.1 - 2016.9.30 Piling works in progress | Demolition of existing planter 

2016.6.1 - 2016.8.3 Piling works in progress | Ready for U/G drainage diversion work | Connection work of temporary electricity and water supply  

2016.4.1 - 2016.5.31  Demolition of existing canopy

2015.12.28 - 2016.3.31   Hoarding with catch fan | Site office 

2015.12.28        The Car Park officially closed. New Annex Construction Project commenced

2015.02.27        The construction project of an new annex was approved by the Financial Committee of the Legco



  • By crossed cheque (Payable to "The Incorporated Management Committee of Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School")
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