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School History

Founded in 1978, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School is a government-aided co-educational English grammar school run by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong (funded by Lui Ming Choi Foundation).  The Incorporate Management Committee has been established since 2008.


1978–1979     Dr. Daniel S.H. Lam
1979–1980     Mr Yue Kai-shui
1980–1992     Mr. William Y.L. Cheng
1992–2007     Dr. Eddie K.W. Ho
2007–Present  Dr. Cheung Chi-kim


1978–1992      Mr CHAN Kin-hung
1992–2012      Mr CHENG Cho-chak
2012–Present   Mr WAN Ka-kit

Honouring the past

►​  1978  School opened

1978.9.4 Opening Ceremonial Service

1978.9.4 In-school Athletic Day

►​ 1979.5.1 Release of 1st issue of Ming Dao

1979 1st Anniversary
1980.5.1 1st Sports Day (Mong Kok Stadium)

►​ 1981.11.7 1st Alumni Day
1983.10.15 1st Swimming Gala (Shatin Swimming Pool)

►​ 1983.10 Establishment of 1st Students' Union

►​ 1983  5th Anniversary

►​ 1983.12 1st Graduation Ceremony

►​ 1986.2   Round-the-river long distance race


10th Anniversary : 

►​ 1989 Establishment of 1st Parents Association
►​ ​1989 Affiliation with Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School and Baptist (STW) Lui Ming Choi Primary School

►​ 1992 Change in education system (direct promotion from F3 to F4)
1992 Retirement of the founding Principal Mr KH Chan
Assumption of duty as Principal by Mr CC Cheng in succession to Mr Chan

►​ 1993  15th Anniversary

►​ 1996 Change to a 6-day-cycle timetable
►​ 1998

20th Anniversary : 
廿載耕耘銘恩 生命教育同心

►​ 2000.4.7-8 Completion of the new wing

►​ 2000 Unveiling of mural along the side corridor

►​ 2003 Change to a 7-day-cycle timetable
2003 Announcements in English

►​ 2003 25th anniversary
跨世紀   學行競高峰
渡銀禧   恩情溢呂中



2005 Permission of Baptist Church for the use their assembly hall and open study room
2005 New colour of the school's exterior

2005 Change of style of school blazer
2006 "Adopt a School"  Scheme with Tolo Habour Rotary Club

2008 30th Anniversary
三十而立 明道是瞻 致知翔遠志
千秋主愛 感恩為獻 興學澤心田

►​ 2008.8 Establishment of Incorporated Management Committee
►​ 2010 1st Arts Festival

2011 Double-cohort year with students in the old and new academic structures (i.e. AL and DSE)
Borrowing of classrooms from Shatin Tsung Tsin School

2011 Change to a 2-2-2-2 section allotment timetable
2012.9.1 Retirement of Principal CC Cheng
Assumption of duty as Principal by Deputy Principal Mr KK Wan in succession to Mr Cheng

2012 Retirement of Mr Chan, operator of the school's tuck shop 

►​ 2013 35th Anniversary :
呂中有夢,只因有祢 。
Honouring the Past and
Embracing the Future

►​ 2014.8 New colour of the school's exterior
Commencement of modification and improvement works of classrooms in the old annex


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