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Prayer Focus of October

What keeps you from praying? Is it because you don’t believe that God will really listen to your prayers?

He might be too busy. He has to take care of the whole universe. Does He really care about me?

Who am I? I am just a small potato. He is a great God. Why would He listen to me?

I am not a good Christian. God only listens to good people. I’m just not good enough.

Jesus told a story in Luke 18:1-8. It was about an unrighteous judge who listens to a widow’s continuous plea.

We might mistake God is like an unrighteous judge who needs our continuous plea. Or we thought God is judging us all the time and we are always not qualified. It is actually quite the opposite. Jesus told this story because He wants us to pray and not give up.

The message is - Even an unrighteous judge will listen to a widow, not out of love, not out of respect, but out of annoying. Why wouldn’t our heavenly father listen to His children? He loves us so much.

Prayer items:

(1) Give thanks to the Lord for His guidance and provision in no matter good or bad circumstances. May His will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

(2) Pray for the English week (14-18/10). Pray that students can participate actively and learn English happily.

(3) Pray for F.1 camp (22-24/10). Pray that F.1 students can learn the importance of self-discipline and being a team player. Pray that students can build stronger spirits and morale.

(4) Pray for the school outing (24/10). Pray for suitable weather. Pray that all classes can have a good time together and build up stronger rapport among them.

(5) Pray for Parents Night (25/10). Pray for all class teachers to have good preparation. Pray for a sincere and friendly interflow in the meeting.

(6) Continue to pray for the progress of the construction work of the Maker Lab, the Library and the MPA. The Maker Lab and Library are about to complete. Pray for a smooth moving in.

(7) Pray for Hong Kong. Pray for resolution of the current situation. Pray for love and faith in building a better society among Hong Kong people.

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