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Prayer Focus of November

Thus says the LORD, "What injustice did your fathers find in Me, That they went far from Me And walked after emptiness and became empty? Jeremiah 2:5

Are you living a busy life? What fuels your life? Where does your energy come from? What is your daily bread of physical life and spiritual life?

Will you be scared that if you are actually running on empty? What are you chasing in life? What do you consider to be a successful teacher?

Prayer items:

(1) Give thanks to the Lord who provides us with Joy and Peace and be our strengths in all circumstances.

(2) Pray for the Alumni Day on 3/11. Pray that LMCers from different generations can come together and share as ONE family.

(3) Pray for colleagues in Alumni team, Careers team and the Alumni Association for the preparation of the Alumni day and the Career sharing. Pray for peace and wisdom in coordination and the administration.

(4) Pray for the Athletic Meet on 15 & 16 Nov. Pray that students can enjoy the game, build up courage and team spirit.

(5) Pray for the F.1 Admission talks on 17, 23 &24 Nov. Pray for smooth coordination of the programme and administration. Pray for good hospitality of students and the potential P6 students will get to know LMC more.

(6) Continue to pray for the smooth and safe progress of the new annex construction work as it is coming to the end. Pray that we can have better planning on the moving in and the use of the additional space.

(7) Pray for wisdom in the preparation of 1st term exam papers. Pray that the assessment can be used effectively and can enhance students’ learning.

(8) Pray for the Open Classroom to be held on 1, 12, 20, 23 Nov 2018 and 21 Jan 2019. Pray for our fellow teachers in the preparation work and a fruitful sharing.


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