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Prayer Focus of October

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you. ……but I have called you friends……   John 15:12-17 NASB

How would you describe your relationship with God? Jesus once described His relationship with us as “Friends”. What kind of God will call His followers “Friends”? Have you ever considered yourself as friends of Jesus? What difference does it make if we are friends of Jesus?

Friendship is a two-way relationship. Prayer is an important practice to keep the relationship with the Lord growing.

Prayer items:

(1) Give thanks to the Lord for His guidance and provision in no matter good or bad circumstances.

(2) Pray for F.1 camp (23-25/10). Pray that F.1 students can learn the importance of self-discipline and being a team player. Pray for the boys particularly that they can have stronger reflection on their work and can build up better habits.

(3) Pray for the school outing (25/10). Pray for a suitable weather. Pray that all classes can have a good time together and build up stronger rapport among them.

(4) Pray for Parents Night (27/10). Pray for all class teachers to have a good preparation. Pray for a sincere and friendly interflow in the meeting.

(5) Continue to pray for the progress of the new annex construction work as it is coming to the end. Pray that we can have better planning on the moving in and the use of the additional space.

(6) Pray for Hong Kong. Pray for the recovery of the city after the super typhoon 山竹. Pray for a better policy on tree planting and land use.

(7) Pray for the policy address on 10/10. Pray that the government can adopt better policies for the benefit of the people of Hong Kong.

(8) Pray for the loss in the earthquake and tsunami on 28th September in Sulawesi (蘇拉威西島), Indonesia. An estimated 2.4 million people could be affected and 1,300 confirmed fatalities. Hundreds of houses and buildings have also collapsed. Pray for emergency relief of the people such as safety of the people, better hygiene and prompt actions on rebuilding of the affected areas.

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